Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kannada Movie Quiz #1

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1. Which is the 1st Movie of Lovely Star "Nenapirali Prem"?

2. What is the real name of "Dr. Vishnuvardhan"?

3. Which Shivrajkumar Movie made a record run of 365 days?

4. Who is the music director of the movie "Hudugaata"?

5. Who is the lyricist of the song "Enaagali Munde Saagu Nee.. " of "Mussanje Maatu"?

6. Which was the 1st kannada movie to complete 365 days in PVR?

7. Which Kannada Movie was released in 4 South Indian languages(voice-dubbed) at the same time?

8. Which Kannada Movie's release date was pushed from Sept 12 2008 to Oct 2 2008 because of ICC Champions Trophy?

9. What is the tagline for the movie "Milana"?

10. This Director was rewarded with 30*40 site by Karnataka Government for the success of his first movie.. who is the director and what is the movie name?

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